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Policies & Procedures

Accident & Incident

The following procedures, along with risk assessment, help us to ensure the on-going health and safety of pupils and staff during their attendance at the nursery school.  The health and safety of Buttercups Nursery School children and staffs are paramount.  To maintain the safety of all those involved in the setting we have an Accident and Incident Policy to clarify the procedure during an accident or incident.

Buttercups will ensure at all times the safety and security of the children in their care.  Measures to support this include:

•    All staff will hold a current first aid certificate, which will be up-dated every 3 years.
•    Regular assessments of the safety of the nursery school areas and equipment.

Should there be a mayor accident or incident, the most senior person on site must be informed immediately.

In the event of an accident or incident once the child is secure and comforted the staff member who dealt with the incident will complete and sign the company’s accident or incident report form.  The senior manager will read and then sign the form as a true statement, having investigated as necessary.

The matter will be brought to the attention of the parent when they collect the child – the matter discussed and the actions taken.  The parent will also be required to sign the form to indicate their agreement to the action taken and the fact that the matter has been brought to their attention.

If the parent is in any doubt about an injury – however minor – Buttercups recommends that the parent takes the child to their own GP.

Where the incident or accident is of a more serious nature; the situation will be assessed by two first aiders and a decision will be made to either;

•    Contact the parent/carer and ask them to collect their child from Buttercups immediately and seek the appropriate medical advice, or Buttercups will call an ambulance and the child will be taken to hospital.

•    Again the most senior person on site must be informed immediately and if an ambulance is called the most senior person (or their nominated representative) will accompany the child to hospital if the ambulance services considers this to be the most appropriate action.

•    The person accompanying the child will take with them the child’s registration form with the child’s personal information thereon.  They will ensure that the medical authorities are aware of any wishes of the parents regarding medical interventions, allergies etc.

•    The parent will be contacted and kept fully informed of developments.

•    As above, once the emergency is over Buttercups’ staff will complete the Company’s incident or accident report form in the manner described above.

Ofsted will be notified of, any injury requiring treatment by a general practitioner or hospital doctor or, the death of a child or adult.

Any serious accident or incident, which is not witnessed by a member of staff, (i.e. injury to a limb, bruising as a result of a fall or knock) the manager will inform Ofsted and the Child Safeguarding Body.

Please refer to Health and Safety Policy and Procedure and Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy and Procedure 

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