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Policies & Procedures

Allergies, Intolerances & Medical Problems

EYFS Key Themes and Commitments

A Unique Child
1.3 Keeping Safe
1.4 Health & Well-being

Positive Relationships
2.2 Parents as Partners
2.4 Key Person

Enabling Environments
3.3 The Learning Environment
3.4 The Wider Context

Learning & Development

Buttercup’s requires that all parents complete the form relating to the disclosure of any allergies, intolerances or medical problems that the child may have.

Buttercups will require this form to be completed on an annual basis, but parents must inform Buttercups if a child develops an allergy, intolerance or medical problem during the year.

Where such a problem is disclosed, Buttercups will seek the permission of the parent, by obtaining the parent’s consent on the form, to correspond with the child’s doctor or other health professional.

If, for any reason, the parent withholds this permission, then Buttercups will require the parent to obtain the necessary information from the doctor or health professional and make that information available to Buttercups.

Where Buttercups is not informed of a problem or the relevant information relating to the problem is not obtained and/or passed to Buttercups, then whilst Buttercups will make their best endeavours to ensure the child’s safety it cannot be held responsible for problems arising from lack of information.

All children with allergies, intolerances or medical problems will have their photograph displayed.

All children with allergies, intolerances will have their own sandwich storage container clearly labelled with their name.

Buttercups will endeavour to have alternative snacks available for the child’s special requirements i.e. if a child has a dairy allergy we will provide cookies made with soya spread.   

Nuts (e.g. peanuts) are not allowed in Buttercups  

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