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Policies & Procedures


Nursery children and their families may experience grief and loss of close family members or friends whilst with us in the nursery.  We understand that this is not only a difficult time for families but it may also be a confusing time for young children, especially if they have little or no understanding of why their parents are upset and why this person is no longer around.

We aim to support both the child and their family and will adapt the following procedure to suit their individual needs and wants:

We ask that if there is a loss of a family member or close friend that the parents inform the nursery as soon as they feel able to.  This will enable us to support both the child and the family wherever we can and helps us to understand a potential change in behaviour of a child who may be grieving themselves.

The key-person and/or the manager will talk with the family to ascertain what support is needed or wanted from the nursery.  This may be an informal discussion or a meeting away from the child to help calm a potentially upsetting situation.

The child may need extra support or one-to-one care during this difficult time, the nursery will adapt their staffing arrangements so they are fully supported by the most appropriate member of staff on duty, preferably the child’s key person.
The nursery will be flexible wherever possible to adapt the sessions the child and family may need during this time.
The death of family pets is also an area that children and their families may need support with.  We follow the above procedure wherever it is appropriate to support the child to understand their loss and support through this time.

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