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Policies & Procedures

Fire & Emergency Evacuation

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Health & Safety Policy and the Emergency Evacuation Procedure.

Buttercups will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the risk from fire will be managed in compliance with the Fire Precautions Act

EP1 = Evacuation Point - walk out of the community centre, turn right, go through railings, turn left and our point of meeting is the first lamp post on the left.

EP2 = Once a head count and register has been made walk to our meeting point at Whitley Primary School.

In the unlikely event of a fire at the Whiteley Community Centre the children will leave the building and will be taken to EP1 where we will proceed to take the register and a head count is made.

From here we will take the children to EP2 and for their safety we will take shelter in Whiteley Primary School.

It is from this location that you will be contacted and from where you will be able to collect your child.

We do have regular fire drills at Buttercups with the children.  Centre management control these fire drills by using the centre alarm system.  This can upset some of the children, but we make every effort to reassure them and explain the importance of what we are doing.

Parent Procedures

This procedure has been adopted to ensure the safe removal of all the children and staff from the building without panic.

Where are you? - In the coffee lounge or foyer, you have not entered the Nursery School.
What you should do - Leave via the main entrance and go to EP2 

Where are you? - In the Nursery School room and your child has been signed in the register by a staff member on the door.
What you should do - Follow the Nursery School team to the EP1.  You can stay with your child but they are the Nursery School responsibility. 

Where are you? - You have LEFT your child and they have been registered as attending Buttercups but you are  still in the community centre building or outside garden area. 
What you should do - Leave the building or garden area and go to EP2.  Your child will be escorted to the EP1 by Nursery School staff who will remain RESPONSIBLE for your child.
The children and staff will then make their way to EP2.

NB:  If the fire alarm is activated the door of the Nursery School will be closed immediately.

NB:  If your child has been registered as attending Buttercups they cannot be taken home without first speaking to a member of staff
Staff Procedures

In the Event of a Fire or Other Event When the Building Must be Cleared:

All staff and children will go to Door 1; from here the children will be led to the community centre garden gate at the side of the building.

If any of the children are already in the inside garden they will wait at the Buttercups Gate 1.  If there are children in the outside garden area, they will be taken to Gate 2 by a staff member who is in the outside garden area.

 Any staff member will lead the children to the allocated assembly point for Buttercups.

Any staff member who is not in Buttercups main room will exit the building by the nearest fire exit and make their way to the allocated assembly point for Buttercups.

Hazel Scott (Mon, Tues, Weds) Helen Aklerman (Thurs) Rachel Wilson (Fri) will collect the register, mobile phone, children’s medications and will check all areas of Buttercups to ensure that everyone has left and will then walk to the allocated assembly point for Buttercups where the register and head count will be made.

The children will then be escorted to EP2 and for their safety we will take shelter in Whiteley Primary School.
Once the children are settled from any dangers Hazel Scott/Helen Akerman/Rachel Wilson will contact parent/carers and ask them to collect their child immediately from the collection point.

At all times the health and safety of the children will be considered.

In the event of a fire drill or false alarm the children will not be taken inside Whiteley School.

Temporary staff/helpers will be notified of their responsibilities for a fire procedure on arrival at Buttercups.

All visitors will be requested to sign a form confirming that they have read and agreed to follow our fire evacuation procedures.

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