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Policies & Procedures

Outings & Transportation

Buttercups aims to offer as full an education and development programme for the children in their care as possible.   Buttercup’s believes that outings are a necessary part of the nursery school’s curriculum.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Health & Safety Policy


Buttercups will only take a child off the designated premises (that is for outings) with the full consent of the child’s parent.

Dependent upon the nature of the outing the required permission will be sort.

Where transport is to be used (i.e. a coach) Buttercups will only contract with professional hire companies.

Buttercups will ask for a donation for such outings on top of the usual fees charged.

Staff/child ratios will be adhered to at all times and when necessary extra supply staff will be employed to maintain high levels of ratios.

Should a parent withhold consent for such an outing when all, or most, of the children will be taken off the premises, Buttercups reserves the right to either ask the parent to make alternative arrangements for the child’s care on that occasion or charge the parent the full cost of providing a member of staff and facilities for the care of the child.

Buttercups will complete the necessary risk assessment before an outing and Health & Safety regulations will be followed at all times.

Transportation of Children in a Private Vehicle

In exceptional circumstances, should a child need to be transported in a private vehicle, Buttercups will ensure that the vehicle is properly insured and driven by a competent person.  

Buttercups will seek the written permission of the parent/carer to transport their child in a private vehicle.

Records are kept of the vehicles used to transport children, with named drivers and appropriate insurance cover. 

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