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Policies & Procedures

Parent Failing to Collect a Child

If a parent/carer fails to collect their child from Buttercups a Manager or staff member will try and contact the parent/carer by telephone.

If no contact can be made a Manager or staff member will use the contact numbers (provided by the parent/carer) of other carers who are authorised to collect their child;

If a staff member has not met the appointed carer, identification will be needed of that person before staff will release the child.

The appointed carer will be asked to sign a release form.

A Manager and staff member will stay with the child at Buttercups until the parent/carer or appointed person arrives.

Should it prove impossible to locate the parent/carer or other carers on the contact list and should no-one arrive to collect the child by 7.00pm, then Buttercups will place the matter in the hands of the Social Services and liaise with them on the care of the child.

Social Services telephone number is 03005551378

In such circumstances where a parent/carer arrives at Buttercups and the Manager and child are no longer on the premises, they should telephone the Buttercups contact numbers for information and the above Social Services number to ascertain the current location of their child.  Emergency numbers:
Hazel Scott 07590553054
Helen Akerman 07761974295   

Parents/Carers’ Late Collection of a Child

It is the duty of all parent/carers to inform Buttercups as soon as possible if they envisage that they might be late collecting their child for any reason and to keep Buttercup’s staff informed at all times during the delay in collection.
Parent/carers will be asked to sign the late collection book.

Where a parent/carer is late arriving to collect a child after the agreed collection time Buttercups reserves the right to charge the parent/carer £5 per 5 minutes or part there of for the additional time to cover staff costs, administration expenses etc.

Parent/Carer Authorisation of Regular Persons Collecting Child from Buttercups

Parent/Carers must sign a collection form stating who is authorised to collect their child from Buttercups (i.e. mother, father, child minder).

If a Parent/Carer wishes a new nominated person to collect their child from Buttercups

Parent/Carer must complete a variation form naming the person they have nominated.

If staffs at Buttercups have not met the nominated person then we will require a photograph or an agreed password for the nominated person.

If a Parent/Carer notifies us by telephone that someone new is collecting their child we will require an agreed password for that person.  (Parent/Carer must complete the variation form confirming this collection when next at Buttercups)

Under no circumstances will Buttercups release a child from its care unless all these procedures have been followed.

Divorced or Separated Parents

By law we cannot stop either parent taking their child from Buttercups unless either parent taking their child from Buttercups has a court order refusing either parent contact from their child.  (Buttercups will request a copy of this order for the child’s personal file).

If no court order has been given we may delay the parent by

The above collection procedures

Telephoning the parent who has been nominated on the collection form and requesting that they come to Buttercups immediately.

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