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Policies & Procedures

Parental Involvement

Parental responsibility is defined by the Children Act 1989.  Not all parents have Parental Responsibility.

These people have parental responsibility:

birth mothers automatically have PR
married birth fathers automatically have PR and do not lose it even on divorce

Unmarried birth fathers do not have automatic PR but may obtain it by:

marrying the birth mother
having their name registered or re-registered on the birth certificate
making a Parental Responsibility Agreement with the mother
obtaining a Parental Responsibility Order from the court
obtaining a Residence Order from the court

Step-parents do not have Parental Responsibility.  However, step-parents, like unmarried birth fathers, are legally responsible for the care and wellbeing of children who live with them, for ensuring they attend school, etc.

What does this mean for my child in nursery?

this means that at nursery consent forms can only be signed by parents with PR
that children can be collected by parents who do not have PR but we must have written consent from the parent who has PR

Parents separating/divorcing

At Buttercups we aim to support families following a separation or when parents are no longer together:

It is the responsibility of Buttercups to liaise with both parents regardless of the situation.  This will be achieved by ensuring communication with both parents by:

inviting both parents to Social Events, Parent and Key-person Meetings and all other general information relating to the child
giving Newsletters to both parents

Buttercups will require contact information for both parents for:

registration forms
parent mail
emergency contact forms
medical emergency treatment consent

Parents are the first educators of their young children.  Buttercups' aim is to support their essential work, not to supplant them.  

We will:

Make all new parents aware of the nursery school's systems and policies

Ensure that parents are informed on a regular basis about their child's progress

Ensure that all parents have opportunities to contribute from their own skills, knowledge and interest to the activities of the pre-school

Ensure that parents are kept informed in advance about what will happen at transition times, such as when children join the setting.

Involve parents in shared record-keeping about their own child, either formally or informally.

Ensure that all parents are fully informed about meetings with their child’s Key Person

Consult with families about the times of meetings to avoid excluding anyone.

Hold meetings in venues which are accessible and appropriate for all

Welcome the contributions of parents, whatever form these may take

Make known to all parents the systems for registering queries, complaints or suggestions.

Provide opportunities for parents to learn about the nursery school curriculum and about young children's learning in nursery school and at home.

Encourage all parents to observe the parents' notice board.

Invite parents to form a Parent Committee which will meet with the manager’s and staff at Buttercups Nursery School

We have an open-door policy where parents/carers or other family members may come into Buttercups to learn and play alongside their child.

Invite all parents to borrow books from Buttercups library.

Invite all parents or nominated guest to our ‘Happy Hours’ and if a parent is not able to attend an alternative date will be arranged for them to attend.  

Make parents aware of all out-side agencies, local community groups and other professionals.

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