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Policies & Procedures


A £50 registration fee (non-refundable) is due on the completion of the nursery school’s registration forms.
(Please see Admissions Policy)

A £50.00 deposit is due 12 months prior to your child’s start date. This payment will be refunded when your child leaves Buttercups to start school. 
(Please see Admissions Policy)

NB if you cancel your child’s place at Buttercups after this deposit is paid it will not be refunded 

A 25% reduction will be made to registration fees when registering twins.

The session fees will be advised annually.

Non-Funded Invoices – these will be issued to parents on their Home Visit and cover the period up until your child receives the government funding.  We will calculate how many hours your child attends during this period, multiply by our hourly rate and divide the total by equal monthly instalments.

Government Funded Invoices – these will be issued the term after your child’s third birthday and cover the period up until the end of the funding year.  We will calculate how many hours your child attends during this period, deduct the government funding, charge any additional hours at our hourly rate, calculate additional charges and divide the total by 12 equal payments.

All fees are to be paid one month in advance, by the last working day of the month by bank transfer.  NB we do not accept cheques.

Parents paying by vouchers must ensure their payments reach Buttercups bank account by the last working day of the month.

Parents paying by voucher are responsible for ensuring that the value of their voucher covers the total amount of their invoice.  In the event where a top up payment is required parents must ensure that this payment is made by the last working day of the month.   Late payment will incur a financial penalty.  

Any extra hours attended should be paid separately on the day they are taken and paid in cash.  No cheques / vouchers will be accepted.

Where fees are not paid by the due date 25% of the value of the outstanding fees will be charged plus an administration fee of £20 and with the outstanding fees, paid by your child’s next session at Buttercups or within 3 working days.

Where a parent/carer is late arriving to collect a child after the agreed collection time Buttercups reserves the right to charge the parent/carer £5 per 5 minutes or part there of for the additional time to cover staff costs, administration expenses etc.

Where fees and additional charges are not paid within 7 days of the end of the month in which they were due, the nursery school reserves the right to terminate the contract.

Fees will apply to any child absent through sickness.

No reductions are made for holidays.

We do not charge for Bank Holidays

Sessions are not transferable.

When parents/carers receive their invoices, if there are any discrepancies with their invoices, parent/ carers must speak to a manager at the earliest possible opportunity, in order for the invoice to be amended before the date the invoice is due for payment.  Failure to do this will result in the original invoice being paid in full.

Parents/Carers must not make alterations to their invoices themselves. 


If Buttercups has to close in any emergency situation no refunds will be given for the first 48hours.  After 48hours funded children will be refunded the 54p additional service charge plus any extra hours invoiced over and above the funded hours.  Funded hours are not liable to be refunded.

Non-funded children will be offered compensatory hours in lieu of lost days/hours.

If any monies are due to be refunded to parent/carers during the period September to December, this will be done by the 23rd December.

If any monies are due to be refunded to the parents/carers during the period January to March, this will be done by 1st April.

If any monies are due to be refunded to the parent/ carers during the period April to July, this will be done by the 31st July.

12 weeks written notification must be given to terminate your contract with Buttercups Nursery School.

NB We will require a copy of your child’s birth certificate, please bring with you on your child’s first visit to Buttercups, thank you.

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