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Policies & Procedures


Legislation for this policy - The Data Protection Act 1998

This policy and procedure is taken in conjunction with the Confidentiality Policy and our Record Keeping Policy and Procedure.

We may take photographs for a number of reasons whilst your child is with us:

to document what they are doing;

to record their learning and development progress;

to include in newsletters, on-line learning journals (Tapestry) and displays;

to record special events and achievements;

to record activities which the children have taken part in, on their own or part of a group;

occasionally we may invite media to take photographs or film footage for publicity purposes and to record any special events;

images may also be used in our publicity, or in our prospectus or on the website;


To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 parent/carers are asked to sign an Image Consent form to allow staff to take photographs of their child, (forms will be included in the welcome pack).

Parent/carers will be asked to sign a consent form permitting staff to take records of achievement, (Tapestry), which contain photographs of their child, outside of Buttercups.   

Parents will be advised when an official photographer will be visiting the nursery school.  Official photographers will not be left alone with a child/children.

The setting is happy for images to be taken during special performances but will remind parents that they should not be placed on social networking sites such as face book if any other child/children appear in the photograph.


Children will be encouraged to use a camera to take photographs of their environment or personal achievements.


Staff members will not be permitted to use mobile telephones, which have camera facilities whilst at work.  All telephones must be left in their bags in the secure place provided.

Staff will only take photographs, which are relevant to the child’s learning.


Photographs of the children will be stored in the office, which is locked at the end of each day.

Photographs, which are used for display purposes will be destroyed after use or put in a photograph album.

Photographs will be filed on staff tablets, which are kept in the office.

Photographs will remain the sole property of Buttercups Nursery School.

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