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Policies & Procedures

Selecting Equipment & Toys

The toys and equipment in Buttercups provide opportunities for children, with adult help, to develop new skills and concepts in the course of their play and exploration.  The equipment we provide:

Is appropriate for the ages and stages of the children.

Offers challenges to developing physical, social, personal and intellectual skills.

Features positive images of people, both male and female, from a range of ethnic and cultural groups, with and without disabilities.

Includes a range of raw materials that can be used in a variety of ways and encourages an open-ended approach to creativity and problem-solving.

Will enable children, with adult support, to develop individual potential and move towards required learning outcomes.

Conforms to all relevant safety regulations and is sound and well-made.


Buttercups Nursery School will provide books for the children to borrow at home.

If a book is lost or damaged the parent /carer will be asked to replace the book.

Children will be invited to visit the mobile library to select books for use in Buttercups Nursery School.

Fund Raising

Once a year the nursery schools parent committee will host a fund raising event to buy new equipment and toys;

The parent committee will organise a Christmas Fayre to raise further funding for the nursery;

The committee will be make parent/carers aware of all purchases;


If a child wilfully breaks equipment, toys or books the parent/carer will be asked to recompense Buttercups Nursery School for the breakage.

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