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Policies & Procedures

Settling into Nursery

At Buttercups we want children to feel safe and happy in the absence of their parents; to recognise other adults as a source of authority, help and friendship and to be able to share with their parents afterwards the new learning experiences enjoyed at Buttercups.

In order to accomplish this we will:

At time of registration encourage parent/carers to remain in contact with Buttercups Nursery School.

Ensure that parent/carers receive all the relevant information about Buttercups Nursery School before the start date of their child.

Your child’s Key-person will visit you and your child at home prior to any visits to Buttercups.

Encourage parents to visit the Nursery school with their children during the weeks before an admission is planned.

Introduce flexible admission procedures, if appropriate, to meet the needs of the individual families and children.

Make clear to families from the outset that they will be supported in the Nursery school for as long as it takes to settle their child there.

Reassure parents whose children seem to be taking a long time to settle into the Nursery school.

Encourage parents to stay with their child on their half hour visit and gradually build up to leaving them on their 2hour visit.

Encourage parents to stay with their child if they are upset and work alongside staff to settle them for as long as necessary.

Children cannot play or learn successfully if they are anxious and unhappy.  Our settling procedures aim to help parents to help their children to feel comfortable in nursery school, to benefit from what it has to offer and to be confident that their parents will return at the end of their time at Buttercups.

Reassure parents that they can contact us at any time during the day about their child.


Home Visit
This will be arranged approximately 4 weeks prior to the start date and will take place 1 to 2 weeks before the arranged start date.  A manager and member of staff will visit your home and will bring with them a Book Bag, Shoe Bag and T-shirt.  They will also bring a book and cuddly toy for your child to borrow at home.  We will ask you to return these items when your child starts at Buttercups.  At this visit the manager will ask for the completed paper work.

Welcome to Buttercups
This visit will be an hour and half visit and will ideally be the day after the home visit.  This visit is for child and parent(s)/carer to familiarise themselves with Buttercups and to meet the staff.

Information Sharing
At this visit parents will spend time with their child’s key-person, familiarising themselves with the nursery and its surroundings.  Time will also be spent in the office with one of the manager’s where more information about Buttercups will be given to you, at this time you will be given the opportunity to share more information about your child.  During the time spent in the office your child will be encouraged to play with the other children but if they do not want to leave your side they are very welcome to remain in the office with you.

Come and Play
This is a 2hour visit, where we invite children to come and play in the setting on their own.  If your child is reluctant to stay on their own you are more than welcome to remain at Buttercups with them.

Working in Partnership with other Settings

If a child attends another setting Buttercups will ensure that the child’s emotional and educational needs are central to any transition between one setting and another or within one setting.

We will ensure that effective communication between settings is key to ensuring that children’s needs are met and there is continuity in their learning.

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