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Policies & Procedures

Sun Screen

Buttercups Nursery School is committed to ensuring that all children are fully protected from the dangers of the sun, even on overcast days.  Severe sunburn in childhood can lead to the development of malignant melanoma (the most dangerous type of skin cancer) in later life.

We use the following procedures:

Children’s safety outside in the sun is the nursery’s prime objective so staff will work closely with parent/carers to ensure all appropriate cream and clothing is provided.

As appropriate to the weather parent/carers to apply sun cream (minimum factor 50) to their child before arriving at Buttercups.

Parent/carers will apply sun block or a high factor sun cream to their child’s face before arriving at Buttercups.

Parents will provide their child with a clearly named sun hat which will be worn at all times whilst outside in sunny weather.  This hat will preferably be of legionaires design (i.e. with an extended back side to shield children’s neck and ears from the sun) to provide additional protection.

Children need light weight cotton clothing suitable for the sun, with long sleeves and long legs if prone to sunburn.

Buttercups will provide a good quality, high factor sun cream, which does not contain any traces of nuts for your child during the day.  Parents will be informed as to which sun cream Buttercups uses and they will be asked to sign a prior written consent for staff to apply.

Buttercups will be aware of those children who have allergies to sun cream.  In this instance parents will be asked to provide their own sun cream named and dated with prior written consent for staff to apply.

Those children who attend Buttercups all day will have sun cream applied at 12.30pm.
Staff at Buttercups will use their own judgement as to whether sun cream should be applied before 12.30pm or re-applied later in the afternoon.
Staff will not re-apply sun cream to a child’s face.
Please note that children who go home at 1pm will not have sun cream applied at 12.30pm.

Parent/carers of children with Asian and black skin colouring should be aware that these skin types; can be very tolerant to sunshine.  However, it is important to remember that burning can still occur.

Staff will make day-to-day decisions about the length of time spent outside dependent on the strength of the sun.

Children are made aware of the need for sun hats, sun cream and the need to drink fluids during their time in the sun and educated to the damaging effects the sun rays can cause.
Shade will be provided in the form of a sun sail, gazebo’s etc., to ensure children are able to cool down or escape the sun should they wish to.

Buttercups will make every effort possible to protect your child from the sun by applying sun cream but Buttercups will not be responsible if your child has any ill-effects from sun exposure.

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