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Policies & Procedures

Supervision of Staff

The nursery manager is responsible for ensuring all staff, including students, are suitable to work with children.  Checks are carried out via enhanced DBS clearance checks and verified by the inspection body, however staff can work in the nursery before these checks are completed as long as they are supervised by registered staff at all times.

All nursery staff will be informed of staff awaiting enhanced DBS clearance.

Staff awaiting these checks will never:

Be left unsupervised whilst caring for children.

Take the children for toilet or outside the room.

Change nappies/pull-ups/pants.

Be left alone in a room or outside with children.

Administer first aid.

Take photographs of any children.

Look at a child’s learning and development log.

Whilst ensuring all the above are adhered to, we still recognise that it is vital that the staff member awaiting an enhanced disclosure is only part of a suitability decision and the nursery management will ensure each individual working with a child goes through a vigorous recruitment and induction procedure (as laid out in the Recruitment and Selection Policy & Procedure).  We will also ensure they receive continuous support, training and supervision from management in order to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for all the children in the nursery.

All students will also receive an interview to ensure they are suitable for the nursery, an induction process to ensure they fully understand and are able to implement the nursery procedures, working practises and values.  All students will be fully supervised to ensure they receive the appropriate support, training and information they may require.

On-going support and checks

All members of staff will update a health questionnaire on an annual basis to ensure management have a good knowledge of any changes that may require support or additional resources to aid them to carry out their day-to-day duties.

All staff are responsible for notifying the manager in person should any circumstances arise that may affect their suitability to work with children.  This will include any incidents occurring outside the nursery.  Staff will face disciplinary action should they fail to notify the manager in a reasonable timescale.

Each member of staff will receive two meetings a year with the manager, a formal appraisal and a more informal review.  This will provide an opportunity for the manager and member of staff to discuss training needs for the following six months as well as discuss performance in the previous six months.  

The management will be responsible for any support the staff team may have between these reviews.  This includes mentor support, one-to-one training sessions, ongoing supervision, work-based observations and constructive feedback.

Legal Requirements

The nursery abides by all legal requirements relating to safe recruitment from the *Early Years Foundation Stage/*National Standards.

The nursery also abides by the employer’s responsibility relating to informing the Independent Safeguarding Authority of any changes to the suitability of their staff, whether this member of staff has left the nursery or is still under investigation.  Please refer to the *Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy & Procedure for further information.

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