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Policies & Procedures

Toileting & Wash Room

Partnership with Parents / Carers

Open, supportive communication with parents is fundamental to planning for and meeting a child’s toileting needs effectively and sensitively.  Many parents feel anxious that their child is not able use the toilet independently and may have already experienced some difficulties with toilet training and / or experienced negative attitudes from others towards the issue.  For some children their toileting needs may be relatively short term and related to initial toilet training, whereas others may require a long-term toileting programme.  At Buttercups our aim is to make parents feel confident that we are supporting their child’s toileting needs and staffs are positive about doing so.

Buttercup’s believes that children with toileting difficulties should be admitted into nursery the same way as any other child.  At this stage it is not possible to assume that failure to achieve independence with toileting is in itself an indication of special educational needs and / or medical conditions, which indicate the need for special toileting arrangements or toileting training.  These children fall within the terms of SEN and Disability Act 2001.   

Our admissions policy states that we welcome all individuals to our nursery school.

Therefore, children who are still not toilet trained are welcome to join our setting and the following provisions are in place:-

The toilet area has a high standard of hygiene including hand washing and drying facilities and the community centre disabled toilet has a nappy bin for the safe disposal of pull-ups and nappies.

Parents should supply clean pull-ups/nappies, wipes and nappy sacks in their child’s nursery school bag.  There will be access to a changing mat, potty/toilet seat and nappy bin.

Pull-ups/nappies will be placed in a nappy sack and disposed of in the community centre nappy bin.

The member of staff who is changing the pull-ups/nappies will wear protective gloves.

Only members of Buttercups staff (DBS checked) will change a child.

A child’s pull-ups/nappies will be changed as necessary throughout the day.

Buttercups would like to emphasise and re-assure the parent/carer that their child’s well-being, contentment and happiness is our priority regardless of their child’s level of toilet training.

Buttercups will support the parent/carer at all times to help their child become toilet trained.

Parents may provide a potty / toilet seat while training.

It is important to adopt consistent approaches at home and at nursery.

For children who are toilet trained

The children are allowed to go to the toilet when they feel the need.  They are encouraged to tell a member of staff if they need the toilet.

We encourage children to take responsibility for them selves whilst visiting the toilet.  Parents can aid this by dressing children in clothing with elastic waistbands or other easily managed clothing.

Hand washing is a consistent part of the toilet routine and staff will encourage children to do this.  Liquid soap and paper towels are provided.

Children will have regular toilet time i.e. 10.00am, 11.40am and 4.00pm.

If an accident does occur a member of staff (DBS checked) will help the child to change their clothes.  Parents should supply a spare set of clothes in their nursery school bag.

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