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Policies & Procedures


EYFS Key Themes and Commitments

A Unique Child
1.2 Inclusive Practice
1.3 Keeping Safe

Positive Relationships
2.2 Parents as Partners

Enabling Environments
3.2 Supporting Every Child

Learning and Development
4.4 Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Security of the children attending Buttercups is of paramount importance.   For this reason the nursery school gives to each child a Buttercups crew-neck tee shirt as part of their registration fee.

It is important that

Buttercups tee-shirts and/ or sweatshirts are to be worn by the child at each session.

Tee-shirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts are available for purchase – enquiries should be made to the Nursery school manager.

Buttercups will provide each child with a shoe bag.

Please supply your child with a key-ring to identify their bags.

All articles belonging to the child should be labelled with the child's name.

Trainers maybe worn – please ensure that they do up with velcro.  Please do not put your child in shoes with laces.   

Wellington boots should be provided (in a carrier bag which should be kept in your child’s shoe bag), summer and winter.  

If your child is here all day, and you would like your child to wear slippers or plimsoles for part of the day please put them in your child’s shoe bag and inform a member of staff.

Please ensure that clothing worn by your child is ‘child friendly’ i.e. no belts or braces.

Buttercups will also provide your child with a sun hat, book bag and sun screen in the summer weather (please refer to our sun-screen policy)

Weather permitting, in the summer, we will be asking for swimming costume, old tee-shirt and towel to be provided.

Only items / toys for our sound table are allowed to be brought to Buttercups.

Buttercups will not be responsible for any items of clothing or toys which your child looses while attending Buttercups. 

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