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Policies & Procedures

Whistle Blowing

At Buttercups Nursery School it is important that any fraud, misconduct ort wrong doing by employees, volunteers or people engaged in the organisations business, is reported and properly dealt with.  We encourage all individuals to raise any concerns they have about the conduct of others in the setting, or how the setting is run.  We realize that effective and honest communication is essential for malpractice to be dealt with.

Whistle blowing relates to all those who work with or within the setting, it gives individuals an opportunity to raise in confidence any issues or concerns they may have that relates to the organization, it is not a grievance.  If the issues or concerns affects your own personal circumstances than the nursery schools grievance procedures should be followed.  The manager(s) ensure they spend one to one with all staff on a regular basis and builds up a good relationship with them to ensure they have the opportunity and ability to share concerns.

Whistle blowing procedures:

Reports should be passed onto the nursery school manager(s)
It is the responsibility of all staff to report any illegal, inappropriate or unethical conduct
All reports will be fully investigated and you will be informed of the outcome, confidentiality being observed
Whistle blowing will not lead to victimization or effect any future promotions
Any victimization will be dealt with through disciplinary procedures
If misconduct is uncovered through an investigation, disciplinary procedures will be followed
If a report is found to be malicious or false allegation, disciplinary procedures will be taken against the whistle blower
If asked to cover up any wrong doing, it is itself a disciplinary offence and should not be agreed to even if asked to do so by a manager(s):  
Any concerns shared about a member of staffs conduct with a child should be reported to the LADO – please see the Safeguarding Policy. 

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